Who Are You?

I’m Keli C. Fancher.

I’m a husband. And I'm a father to six children who are all very patient with me and my numerous eccentricities and hobbies.

I’m a Christian. I believe that we were made by a loving creator, and that we all yearn to sub-create in his image.

I’m a software developer, mainly for Mac OS X and iOS. I used to be a consultant, but now I work for RescueTime which is the best group of people to work with in the world.

I’m a Hobbyist: a Learner and a Maker. Running, Photography, Pens, Literature, Podcasts, Programming, Blacksmithing,… The list goes on and on – I have way to many interests and often only delve skin deep. I’m looking to change that, but then again I’m looking to learn everything and those two are not mutually compatible.

Why Should I Read Your Site?

You probably shouldn’t unless you want an eclectic mixing of all my above hobbies. At the moment there is only one rss feed. I do plan on offering topical feeds for those who only want some of my personal or tech ramblings, but those will have to wait.

How Can I Get in Touch With You?

You can reach me at @kelifancher on twitter.